Monday, June 25, 2007

Hard day at the beach

Saturday I finally did the beach bum thing and spent 6 hours at the shore! It was a tough day of lying on a beach blanket, curled up under an umbrella while reading a book. (Or, if you are my lily-white friend, laid out flat on a beach blanket, roasting in the sun with your eyes covered.)

When we got too toasty, we went into the ocean to cool off. Well, or we just got excited by the fact that there is a giant beach and played in the water, splashing each other, giving each other boosts so you flew into the water and jumping waves. We walked out to the sand bar which is a cool feeling because you can't feel the bottom of the ocean and suddenly you can walk on water...or so it seems.

I went home at one point and brought back sandwiches so we could stay at the beach and not have to go home for lunch and brought back my goggles. With those, I saw tiny little sand crabs scooting along the bottom of the shore. I'm not going to deny that they were cool to see, but I wish I hadn't seen them because now I will be constantly conscious of the fact that there are palm-sized creature with pinchers just under my feet. Would they pinch me if I accidentally stepped on one? If I were them, I'd see my big toe as an enemy.

I applied sunscreen at regular intervals, determined a)to not get too dark and b)prevent skin cancer. Unfortunately, the bikiniied girls around me appeared to be applying something other than sunscreen out of their gold-brown bottles. I thought oil was so 1986? At least no one had one of those reflector things to hold under their neck!

At the end of the day we stumbled home and lay comatose on the couch. It is really hard lying on the beach all day! For reals, though, there is apparently some scienc-y thing (thats a technical term, you may not know it) about how being in the sun all day saps your energy. We mustered enough to grill some salmon (made with the sage and lemon thyme from my garden!), go see a movie (surprised we didn't fall asleep) and stop by a friends' house for a midnight margarita (okay, pina colada, but midnight margarita has a nice ring to it.)

I guess it could be worse.


Aimee said...

I'm soooo jealous!!! Although I love my Minnesota lakes! Next weekend we're camping on the St. Croix. It's our nine-year dating anniversary and -1 wedding anniversary!

Shruti on the Shore said...

Yeah, it's totally different from the lake--I feel more active at the lake, where at the beach, I feel like a freak for not wanting to lie around all day (I had to get up several times because I was bored!)

Happy nine-year-minus-one anniversary! I miss the Minnesota lakes and rivers--definitely miss camping and canoeing, though I may try to do some beach camping around here, just to see what its like.

Dylan said...

I want to spend 6 hours at the beach.

I like the new look.

You need to check out today's MnSpeak thread on Par in court.

Sam & Jason said...


Six hours of beach-bunnying is awesome. Your water's such a pretty blue.

Haha, we have girls out here oiling themselves for the perfect sun-basting sesh, hoping to get your complexion. :) (But obviously, your beach pwns mine.)

See you in a few days!

Shruti on the Shore said...

Dylan: Mnspeak Monday was a zoo! I loved bobble-head Par, though.

Sam: I hope you can come see my beach =) I'm excited to see yours...actually more excited to see you, but the beach is part of the package deal.