Monday, April 2, 2007


I am excited for the baseball season starting! I know that going to Phillies games will be easiest, but I've already arranged to go see my Twins play in Baltimore in August. (I am in California during the time when they play the Yankees boo)

In terms of being the greatest sport, I honestly think hockey and soccer rank above baseball. But in terms of being great sports to be a fan of? I think baseball is best. There is no other sport that rewards fans quite as much--from low tickets prices, to excellent atmosphere, to low drama players, to lots of field gimmicks.

Of course, some of that is because (as a friend pointed out) because baseball has about 80 home games a season, while sports like football only have 8 (hence low ticket prices), but I love baseball for being a sport that rewards its fans. Truly All-American.

Anyway, the above picture is from a local Little League game...I'm not such a fan of sports parents, but I do love how into the sport Little Leaguers are. My friend lives a few blocks away from a Little League field in Philadelphia's Center City and we have decided to go watch a few games there.


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