Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flooding, the end

The flooding is pretty much gone except for some reason when I came home tonight at midnight it was slightly flooded again.

Tonight I worked on election results. I find it so odd that voters vote on budgets, only because I am not used to it. In Minnesota school funding is mostly through a per pupil formula that is a combination of state and local monies. Voters don't vote on their local tax impact because its all combined in that per pupil formula...but this means enrollment is really important to schools!
What is voted upon by voters are operating referendums for when districts want more money for teachers, staff, programs and bond referendums for facilities like new wings or such.

I have no idea how NJ finance works.

inothernews, here is something funny. I am watching the songs for a Hindi movie and one of the songs says "Wanna dance all night," but they mixed the Hindi and the English and just put the word for dance in Hindi. Well that word is naach so it sounds like they are saying "Wanna nacho night" when they sing it. Why yes, I do want a nacho night.

But what is a potacho? Check here Saturday to find out!


Jodie said...

Wow. That's pretty crazy. All that water!

Aimee said...

I love you! You're the only one who comments on my pathetic blog. Oh well. It's still fun. So I can't believe how bad the flooding gets there! I mean, I know it could be worse (I had six-foot high water in my living room once), but that's crazy that you have to wade from your house to your car! I think your town looks so cool and I can't wait to see pics from the summer. It looks like the kind of place that really comes alive when temps reach 80. And the tin can thing is a great idea for your grill party. You can use soup cans.

Shruti on the Shore said...

Six-foot high water in your living room! I am very thankful that my house is elevated and the water didn't get more than a foot outside. I don't expect to ever see water in my house, except from dropping a glass of water in my living room (which may or may not have happened).