Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brown thumb (literally. figuratively?)

All last summer, I sat at work and read the Greengirls (then just Greengirl) blog at work and thought, "I wish I could garden."

Today, I went all Dead Poets Society ("Seize the Day!") and Fame ("No day like today!") and stopped by a roadside garden stand and bought 7 pots of herbs to start my own deckside garden.

They are:
--Tri-color sage
--Hot Peppers
--Orange mint

I wanted to get bay leaves, but I couldn't find them at the center. They are all full sun herbs and I have a nice sunny spot to plant them on my porch.

But one more pop culture reference: "I'm so excited! I'm so excited!...I'm so scared." (Saved by the Bell) I have not had good luck with plants. My mom said all I need is some attention, but I swear it is not just my lack of attention: I must have plant killer running in my veins. I killed an ALOE plant. Of course, that's because it fell when I was transporting it to move here, but an aloe plant? easiest thing ever.

Friday is my off day, so I am off to Home Depot (or should I go to Lowe's? We have both...) to get some planters, potting dirt and a cute little watering can to make it even more fun. And then this summer? Fresh cilantro in my guacamole and chicken curry and omlettes; mojitos and tea made from my fresh mint; fresh pesto from my basil and fresh chives for my potatoes.

Unless I kill them all first. eep!


maya said...

watch out for squirrels! i don't know if you have them there but i had a window box herb garden and the squirrels would basically uproot the entire plant and run away with it. they didn't touch the sage though. here's what i learned in my experiment: the first year only the sage and basil survived the squirrels and both were fairly hardy. i forgot to water them a lot but since they were outside the summer showers took care of them basically. (not that i'm advocating not watering them but i went away for a week and they survived - i don't know about your other stuff though.) also sage is an awesome herb, i have some recipes with it if you end up getting some, also pick the flowers off your basil, they look pretty but make the leaves bitter. that's about all - i hope you have better luck then i do!

maya said...

make that, i hope you have better luck then i did - the first year i had basil and sage survive the next the squirrels took everything so i think i'm going to give up now.

Dylan said...

I don't want to think about where that brown thumb has been.