Thursday, May 3, 2007


Curse my window.

During the 2.5 years of my last job, I was upset at NOT having a window, besides these slits near the ceiling that let us know if it was raining/snowing/sun had set, etc. I complained that without natural light, I would wither and die, or at least be depressed.

But now having a window is making me depressed. It's like spring is taunting me all up in my face with this gorgeous weather, sunshine, light breeze, blue skies. It's all "doncha wish your environment was hot like me, doncha wish your environment was a breeze like me, doncha (doo doo doo doo) doncha (doo doo doo doo)."

musical interludes aside, I'm getting very distracted with outside-porn images of me frolicking in the sunshine, riding a bike, walking around, breathing outside air.

But instead I am huddled under a blanket (note: WHY do people feel the need to blast a/c the second it gets a little warm? seriously, enjoy the nicer weather, since you spent all winter kvetching about how cold it is), typing away about how great the towns down here are.

Because the towns are outside and I'm not, nanner nanner boo boo.


Aimee said...

I feel ya. Try sitting 100 feet from the Metrodome. I am tortured by thousands of people who somehow manage to get off work early to head to the pre-game activities outside the dome. Music, laughter, even the smell of Dome Dogs drifts into the newsroom making me want to jump out the window.

Jodie said...

I so agree about your comment how it warms up and then the AC is BLASTING INSIDE. This is why I have a jacket and a blanket at work.

Sometimes it's enough to take a break and sit outside for five minutes to get refreshed. (:

Red Soul said...

I wanted to wear summer clothes and go to school! But nope, this weather yesterday was so chilly! And to top that, my friend asks me, "why do u always wear the same clothes/jacket?" And I was more sad.

I know how it feels like depressing if you dont get fresh air. Coz everytime I board NJ transit bus, I just pray it werent so air conditioned and pack. Wish they let us open the windows.

Shruti on the Shore said...

I used to hate that part, because we could hear it from our windows too. Though, Wednesday noon games are the best if you still have your student ID: $5 gets you a student general admission ticket, 2 hot dogs, and a $7 lunch that includes part of a ball game! Best!

Jodie: Good call going outside! We have some nice benches outside, I can take a "warm up" break.