Monday, October 1, 2007

Say Chowda!

I did NOT go to the Chowderfest, despite looking forward to going to it all year, since I just missed it last year. I like Chowder. I would've enjoyed trying lots of different kinds of chowder. I had other things to do, which I will elaborate on in another post this week.

Many people do not like fall festivals and town festivals. I actually really like them. I grumble and groan about going to them as a reporter, but it's so fun to see people out and about. It's even more fun when they have funny themes festivals, like Hopkins Raspberry Festival or Stillwater Lumberjack Days...or Corn on the Cob Days in Plainfield, MN. Somerset, Wisc, has PEA SOUP Days. Strangest food-related "days" ever.

Here they have Chowderfest, Apple Festivals and Cranberry Festivals. I really want to go to the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival because I love cranberries. But it is on my birthday. If they had a recipe contest, I would submit my cranberry cream cheese wonton recipe.

What's the strangest festival you've ever heard of or attended?

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darleene said...

Most reporters I know don't like covering the festivals, etc, either, but I did. Hee. Talk about an easy story!