Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Last day in Minnesota

So this is it. This is probably the last day I will spend in my house as a resident of my house (obviously I will be back. In fact, I will be back in December for my friend's wedding.) How am I going to spend my last day as a Minnesota resident? Packing, duh.

My sweaters are MIA. We think we know where they are, and once we find them they will require no packing, since they are already packed, but it is one of those things I cannot afford to not have, since I think it probably gets cold on my ISLAND too.

Oh...I guess I won't need my awesome Sorrel boots and I'll have to find another winter shoe since those will be too warm. That is sort of sad. I love those boots and I live in them in the winter. Hopefully it gets cold enough to wear my boots...I should look up winter weather there.

This morning I heard the train whistle in the distance. It had been a long time since I heard it...probably because if I am ever up at that time, I usually have the radio on. I think something was in its way because it was whistling rather urgently and rapidly...but it was nice to hear. It used to comfort me when we moved to our new house because it wasn't that far from our old house and I could still hear the train.

WOW! this is happening, finally! I am excited, I really am. I don't think its hit me yet that I am leaving. Last night it did a little bit...and it was so so sad. I thought I was going to start crying in the restaurant. I really am going to miss Minnesota. I just hope I don't become that girl that says "Oh, well in Minnesota we do it like this..." like my friend from a small town always says.

I don't think I will have the chance to update a lot because I won't have a computer when we get there. My old one is kaput and I don't have the budget right now to get a new one (but it will be a Mac. Believe you that.) The public library (only a mile away!) has internet accessible computers, but they are closed on Sundays, so it might be until next Monday, unless my dad brings his laptop.

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