Monday, October 9, 2006


YAY for having a library card. My inaugral rental is a teen novel. :-/ But that is what the library is good for: reading the books you never want to admit you want to read but you want to read. Then you don't have to buy it and have this stupid book lying around. I will move up to non-teen lit soon, but I want something sort of mindless for the next few days. Besides, I still am reading the Omnivore's Dilemma, so I can easily switch between totally mindless to totally mindful.

Um. Mindful is a word. Now.

I had a good sob this morning when my dad left, but I managed to not cry until the car was down the street. No one wants to remember their last look at someone (for a few months anyways) as that person crying.

Anyway, I like this library. It's small but its the kind of place where if you call to ask if a book is in, they will walk over the shelf and look. Cute. I really like where I live. I like my neighbors too.

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