Sunday, October 8, 2006

Welcome to the Island

ARGH internet connections. Sorry folks for the lack of updating. After I got here, we didn't have an internet connection. I went to the library, but only to get directions (they only gave me 45 minutes of internet time because I had to log on as a guest.)

ANYWAYS I have arrived, safely, and so has all my stuff. The minimal damage involved one drinking glass which broke and my Apples to Apples game spilling out into the trailer, so some of the cards are dirty, but not bent or anything.

Friday morning it started raining--this was my first Nor'easter! And we got to unpack my trailer in the rain! cool! (end sarcasm.)

Then Saturday morning, my landlord, Brian, came downstairs and told me I better move the car because it was not only a Nor'easter, but also a high tide combined with a full moon. This meant that the rain from the storm could not drain into the bay, so the street was flooded! We went to Manahawkin to return the trailer then spent the day putting together 4 bookshelves, one desk and one dresser. The waters receded by about 5pm.

The drive out here was AMAZING. We chose the best time to drive--the leaves were just starting to turn in Western Pennsylvania, along the top of the Appalachian Mountains. It was so breathtaking that I didn't even bother to take pictures, because they just wouldn't do it justice and you would all be disappointed. Just imagine a wall of trees with green trees accented by golden ambers, bright oranges, deep reds and occasional burgundy. Beautiful.

It is perfect weather today. We went to the beach for a stroll then drove up to the Barnegat Lighthouse and had pizza. Dad and his buddy are now on their way to Atlantic City for some gambling. I thought of going, but I am sort of tired. I hope I won't regret it later, because my dad is leaving tomorrow, so it is taking out of time with him. But I really dislike the insides of casinos, they depress me. Especially when the weather is so great, I don't want to be indoors.

except, of course, to update my blog! Now to the outside!

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