Monday, January 15, 2007

Location, part II

NYC Philharmonic, originally uploaded by seat_5a.

I wrote about why I like where I live. Now let me tell you why I Don't like where I live.

Mainly, its the lack of things to do. Or, namely, things to do that I am used to having available. Growing up near a major metropolis (well, two, actually, but they are like one to me), I had lots of options available. It wasn't a big deal to go to a nice restaurant, or to an ethnic restaurant, and head to someplace like the theater, orchestra, or independent movie theater.

In a way, living out here is like living in one of the small towns I always would pass through on my road trips. The ones where I would say "what do people do here" (admittedly, with some condescension, I'm ashamed to say).

I guess living in the middle of everything means you're living in the middle of nowhere.

I think my opinion might change as the island wakes back up for all the summer people, but even then I haven't seen a Thai restaurant between Atlantic City and Toms River. Heck, I'm not even sure if there is a Vietnamese place in Ocean County (please please PLEASE tell me if its otherwise...)

I miss being able to go for rush tickets at events, but this weekend I had the chance to do that. We listened to the New York Philharmonic play at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. With Zubin Mehta leading! Playing the Elgar Cello Concertos! It was an amazing experience because we had seats right in front of the soloist. Like, if she decided to spit, it would've landed on my program. It was the most amazing, intimate, moving and uncomfortable experiences of my life. Mostly because she was so passionately playing, it felt like I walked in on a couple making love. Both beautiful, but very uncomfortable.

We did explore some of the neat things on the island, namely the Barnegat Lighthouse and surrounding area. We also drove up to Jersey City for a really fun party hosted by some very great friends.

Hopefully I will have more to do in my own area soon. I wish it didn't cater so much to summer people and rewarded us hardy winter folk...
In the meantime, I'm pretty good at making my own fun!


Sharon said...

Yay for the new blog!

I'm very envious of you...I've yet to go to the Kimmell Center. Maybe I'll try to do that for my burday, if I go up to philly for my birthday.

Shruti on the Shore said...

Thanks! Yeah, it was amazing.

Froggie said...

Get to the other side of the Raritan from time to time....Union County has a large mix of stuff (and restaurants), for starters...