Monday, January 22, 2007


I had another post, about LBI history, all ready to publish, but something else happened to bump that post to another day:

IT SNOOOOOOOOOOOOWED! I am so excited! My co-workers think I am very strange because I like the snow so much. I guess I am strange...especially when it comes to snow. I just think snow is so fun because it means snowball fights, snowmen and lots of pretty white glazes on everything.

Unfortunately, the snow we got was just enough to put a thin layer on roofs, but not enough to cover all the dead, brown grass on the ground. It is also fairly warm, which is nice because the roads are not slippery since the snow just melted when it hit the pavement, but I wonder if it means the snow will not stick.

(note to self: work on run-on sentences)

The sad thing is I didn't realize it had snowed until I watched the morning news and they said "from city to shore, snow..." and I thought to myself "shore? I am shore! Does this mean it snowed?" The same thing happened the other day, when I was checking the tracking of a package via my computer and realized it was outside and I had walked right past it. Oops.

Tonight I am heading to the local library for a movie viewing and discussion. I wonder if it will be me and a bunch of old ladies, like the opera workshop I went to? Either way, its a chance to interact socially, which I need!

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Dylan said...

It has been snowing here, too. We finally have a decent amount of ground cover. No brown showing anymore. And in the past week it's been freezing, so it's all staying. We are having at least a few weeks of real winter, after all.

Are you really a former speedskater? I heard a rumor.