Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snow that sticks

Beach house, originally uploaded by seat_5a.

I am happy to report that the latest snowfall has stuck around. I was really missing the snow but I am glad I get to wear my snowboots. It is lightly snowing now and I finally feel at ease. I guess maybe part of my discomfort in being slightly homesick was the fact that it felt like the same season, when I am used to seasons announcing themselves with a bang.

In defense of my new home, I think this is unusually warm weather for now, which Minnesota is also experiencing. Cars have been falling into lakes there because drivers are too stupid to realize the ice is not thick enough to drive on. I have no sympathy, frankly, if you are not taking the proper precautions...Survival of the Fittest!

BUT I think some of the schools in New Jersey were being overly cautious when they closed school on Monday. Today's Asbury Park Press had the listed snow totals for all areas--the most was 4.5 inches in Marlboro...my area had only 2.7 measly inches and they closed schools! If this was Texas, I might understand, but I have to think that New Jersey has the ways and means of clearing a snowy road.

Methinks some superintendents and principals wanted the day off to play too.


Dylan said...

The unseasonably warm weather in Minnesota is over with, FYI. It's probably going to be three days before we get the temperature back above zero.

Plenty of ice out there now.

MomNoodleZ said...

I want another post!!! And I'm pregnant, so I don't even feel bad demanding it!(SMILE!)