Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Poor fishies.

Temperatures right now are hovering in the teens, and the windchill has dipped to below zero. This, of course, is nothing compared to Minnesota, where they are struggling to get the mercury above zero, but it is darn cold nonetheless.

And, my heat went out. Again.

It went out last week but was fixed enough to keep me warm that week. I went to Philadelphia this past weekend for three days of eating myself silly (Restaurant Week, BYOB and going-away party) only to come back to a heatless house on Sunday afternoon.

It was 45 degrees in my home. And my fish died.

Poor little Aoi and Akai. They were my buddies. They watched TV when I was watching TV, wriggling their little bodies towards the set. And I let them freeze to death. I gave them a proper burial at sea, and proceeded to huddle down under some comforters until my gas could be repaired. Again. Unfortunately, it took 23 hours before the gas company could make it out, so I drove back to Philadelphia, in time to see the Bears lose.

It made me sort of sad because I realized there were not too many places around where I live that I could turn to in a time of need. I have two friends in the area who I feel comfortable enough with to ask to spend the night. And both were out of town. So back to Philly it was. Back in MN, I would've had dozens of places to go...I guess that's a big struggle, is how do you make friends when you are out of college? You don't want to walk up to someone in a bar and be "hey baby, wanna be my friend?"

I am lucky to have such good friends only an hour away, but I wish I had friends only minutes away. And I wish I had my fish back.

(picture is of Akaiii, who is the new fish I bought today. I am keeping him at work. The extra i'd are to remember that he is the second Akai.)


Dylan said...

You don't want to walk up to someone in a bar and be "hey baby, wanna be my friend?"

Why not? People do this to me all the time, and it works out smashingly.

Sorry about the fish and the isolation, though. We went through similar things in the small towns where we moved for my first newspaper jobs. (The isolation part, not the fish part.)

ScurvyDogMN said...

Sorry about the fish. My wife and I have a few white clouds in a miniature aquarium, and lost three of them in the first few weeks. Not sure if they were suffering from Wal-Martitis, or what the deal was, but the survivors seem okay now.

By the way, I finished my compilation - the first one (of at least two), anyway. The track listing is on my blog.


Aimee said...

May your fishies rest in peace. You'll make more friends soon -- you are so outgoing. Soon, you'll be calling yourself a "Jersey Girl." I'm jealous of the opportunity you have to live alone at this point in your life. As lonely as it may be sometimes, you'll appreciate your friends and family more, Ravi too. And think of all the time you have to spend on yourself. I miss you though!