Sunday, March 11, 2007

home on the prairie

Sorry I've been absent this week. I am at home in Minnesota, enjoying the warm weather, lots of snow, but mostly my family and friends. And food. We went to an amazing wedding last night, had a lovely, lovely time. It was nice because it was back at my alma mater, in fact in the alumni center. It was my first time being an alumni there...though I don't think my college thinks of me as one of the "alumni" in "alumni center"--that is reserved for alumnis with $$, which I don't have.

Anyway, hopefully today I will go play in the snow. But at the very least, I will be enjoying some CHIPOTLE. and then some awesome dessert at 2021. I already had a nice dinner at 112 eatery in Minneapolis and lunch at Noodles.

Okay, now I'm going to go sledding now! And throw snowballs, etc. Watch out!


maya said...

i think it's funny that you associate chipotle with home because i literally have two chipotle's within a block of my work. they're like starbucks in new york - next time your up i'll make sure you get some.

Dylan said...

Did you get some burritos to take home with you? They keep for a good 2 weeks. I have a couple in my drawer right now.

Shruti on the Shore said...

Do you think the TSA would consider Guacamole a threat?