Monday, March 19, 2007

Taking responsibility

I'm sort of obsessed with the road. It makes sense, since I drive usually a minimum of 200 miles per week. Not as obsessed, perhaps, as Roadguy or Froggie but I do read those blogs because of my interest in the byways and highways. I mean, in some of my profiles, it lists my biggest pet peeve as people who don't signal their turns or lane changes. In the words of the great Stephanie Tanner: "How Rude!"

Anyway, its no big secret that drivers on the East Coast are aggressive and perhaps ruder than others. I'm definitely NOT saying that midwest drivers are better, just different. I think I've figured out my new biggest pet peeve: a lack of taking responsibility.

Like the guy who wouldn't let me merge despite me having a signal on for over half a mile and my exit coming up. There was a two car size space I wanted to merge into, but the second I put on my signal in preparation to move, he sped up, closing the gap! So when there was enough of a space to squeeze my car in (my exit was REALLY coming up) I did it and he honked and flicked me off. Not my problem buddy. I tried to slow down to go behind you and I tried to go before you closed the gap. Your problem.

Or the girl who totally ignored the yield sign and got angry and (again) flicked me off because I "cut her off." No, you ignored a yield sign and were in my blind spot (hence the reason YOU have an yield sign? maybe?)

Those are just two examples. I am willing to take responsibility for my transgressions, like when I creep up to try and make a right turn and miss seeing a pedestrian trying to cross. Oops, sorry ped!

Just needed to vent my spleen!


gyal said...

Hey I came over by way of SM, since I noticed the "newtojersey" tag. Welcome to the lovely maniacal world of Jersey drivers! :)

Sornie said...

I just can't get over those who think that the stick on the left-hand-side of their steering wheel is some sort of decoration. It is a turn signal, it's used for... um... signalling turns. Apparently this afflicton isn't local to Minnesota.