Thursday, March 15, 2007

More serious stuff

This doesn't quite relate to my experiences on the Jersey Shore, but it does have to do a lot with me.

News has come out about which Star Tribune staffers accepted a buyout. This is the paper I used to work at, I also interned there and grew up reading it, so its part of home to me.

The list is good. Good in the sense of the people on the list were good. But its sad they are leaving the Strib. There is a lot of great institutional knowledge there plus a lot of great personalities. Some really valuable contributors to the paper, I think.

Over at mnspeak, they keep talking about cutting fat, blah blah blah. Yeah, the Strib newsroom may have some fat, but some of the people on this list is cutting out prime rib. (Note to self: you are terrible at analogies involving meat.) People are going as far as to say who they'd like cut. Well, if you know them enough to want them cut, then they are contributing!

Someone there made a good point though: when corporations cut fat, they replace it with good meat. But in the current industry, when newspapers cut fat, they replace it with nothing. That is sad and a sad fact of life.

I wish my former colleagues at the Strib the best and I have best wishes for those who accepted the buyouts. Whether they are retiring, going back to school, headed to another paper or changing fields, I know they will be great at what they choose to do.


Dylan said...

Did you know there's a guy at the Strib named Tom Jones? I didn't.

Well, he's one of the ones who's leaving, so it doesn't matter.

I just went upstairs to that ledge where they keep all the cards to be signed. There are 24 retirement cards all lined up in a row. It's a weird sight.

Shruti said...

It's not unusual....